• Supplying over 500 towers per month, Ramboll Telecom is a market leader in the design and supply of optimised mast and tower solutions for telecommunications networks. The company is well known for its innovation and reliability in delivering project services worldwide.
  • Working with major carriers and telecommunications suppliers directly as well as servicing the broadcast and mining industries, Task National is a local leader in the erection and installation of telecoms structures.

Ramboll and CiS provide design, integration and installation services for sites: towers, monopoles and mast design, certification and supply, structural analysis and design, maintenance and technical support services, and tower strengthening and assessments.

CiS partners with Task National for: erection of monopole / tower and related services, site design and make ready (geotech, pad, security, foundations), installation and commissioning, BTS, transmission, radio and antenna equipment and systems, power, cable and fibre related interconnect, audits and technical services, rollout management (delivery, logistics and document management).

Case Studies

Design and Supply of Monopoles

In partnership with CiS, Ramboll designed and fabricated 90 monopoles across an Australian GMR rail network. This complex project was completed on time and on budget.

Design of Complex Antennae Solution

CiS was commissioned to design, certify and fabricate the antennae and mounts to support a large array of antennae requiring 3m separation. CiS worked with Ramboll, Task National and Intelera to complete this successfully delivered project.

Design and Fabrication of Towers

CiS commissioned its design partner, Ramboll of Denmark, to design a network of 50m and 60m structures for a large energy company in central Queensland. As part of this project CiS designed and fabricated in Australia a 50m tower, antennae, mounts, ladders and platforms and shipped to site.